About Us

Business Guardianship was set up with the key aim to protect the intellectual property of businesses big or small.

We prides ourselves on providing a professional service to all its clients with the main focus on two key services:

  1. Trademarking - We deal with all aspects of trademarking such as company names and logos. We use our experience to register your property with the appropriate bodies. This benefits you as the client as it allows the registration process to be complete by experienced individuals so that the process takes less time, is done in the correct manner and also saves you money. 
  2. Copyrighting - We also focus on copyrighting by providing a comprehensive service with secure methods to protect your property.

When conducting business with us you will receive friendly, professional and comprehensive IP protection services. 

If you do have any questions or queries feel free to contact us via phone or email. 



Company Registration Number - 09173077