Services & Fees

Trademarking Services

We offer two services when it comes to our trademark services.

Standard trademark - This service involves registering company names and logos with the appropriate bodies so that they are protected from other people exploiting them. Once registered the trademark will stand for the next 10 years. After this period we can re register your mark for a reduced fee.

Trademark tracking - for a small additional fee an additional service is provided over 10 year registered period of the trademark. This services involves notifying you if any organisation or company are attempting to register a similar mark or use your name or mark for their own benefit.

If any disputes do arise we will assist you in anyway we can to resolve the problem.

Copyrighting Services

We can help with lots of different forms of copyright protection. Our main services are listed bellow.

Watermarks - We can create custom watermarks for use on photos, videos and documentation.

Protection service - We offer a secure location and certification service so that your copyright material is filed securely, backed up and dated. This is so that in future if disputes arise we can assist you and be able to provide evidence on when the copyright was instated and filed. 

We can also assist you in any other areas of copyright that you want to look into such as licensing your material to sell it. 


At Business Guardianship we offer a free IP evaluation service


Standard application fee - £370

Additional Classes - £50 - we will notify you if your business fits into more than one designated class but most commonly extra classes are not needed.

Any Additional Applications - £170


Watermarking media content

1st owner filing and external location storage

Copyrighting fees many vary depend on your needs so for a free evaluation contact us.


Any logos or media/digital content that you wish to be copyrighted or trademarked needs to be original works.

We will give you professional advice before submitting any applications. Please note fees are non refundable but we will refund you £100 if any application is ever unsuccessful.



Company Registration Number - 09173077